Sara Tea Time Podcast Episode #10 w/ Ilana Glazer

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Episode #10

Ilana Glazer from Broad City.

Her view while chatting with us today…

Thanks Ilana!  Our first IRA chat (In Real Audio) so glad she could call in.

We chat our love of Tumblr (here’s hers) & about how sweaty we were as teenagers & no one should not use aluminum deodorant.  THE MORE YOU KNOW

Then we get real into it Ilana talks about the book Sex at Dawn:  The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality & rethinking ridiculous rules & those people who shower before/after sex.

If you’re in New York tonight you should definitely hit up Broad City: the Musical at Upright Citizens Brigade.

Here’s a intro clip about Broad City!  You should really watch more tho:

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